REVIEW: Strange Girls and Ordinary Women by Morgan McCarthy



They say you know instinctively who to trust.

Alice is normal; she’d never do anything rash. But when she sees her husband one day with a younger girl, she knows at once that he’s having an affair. And it must be stopped.

Vic loves her friend Michael, more than he knows. He wants happiness, and thinks he’s found it with the magnetic Estella. But Vic feels sure she can’t be trusted – and she needs to make Michael see that too.

They don’t know Kaya; her life is tougher than they can imagine. But Kaya’s a survivor, and she’s determined to find a way out of her miserable world.

Three women, three lives that come crashing together in this dark, lyrical and utterly enthralling story of warped perceptions, female intuition and ‘the other woman

My review

I Received this book through Book Bridgr and Tinder Press for an honest review.

Strange Girls and Ordinary Women tells the  stories of three women whose lives end up colliding. Each Chapter switches between the 3 women. I felt personally that this was done quite abruptly for me it just didn’t seem to flow.

Victoria (Vic) I just did  not seem to grasp the character and found her very confusing and a bit whiny.

Back over to the positives  I really enjoyed the chapters where Alice and Kaya they both seem to have such interesting background stories esp Kaya and the issues she had with her mum. The way these 2 Characters were written was fab and kept me reading this book

This book is defiantly worth picking up and is a very quick sunday afternoon read

3 of 5 stars

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