Why I go to the Library

library post

FREE BOOKS I mean HELLO who doesn’t like FREE books??

I am one massive library fan I still get excited if I am visiting the library. I try to go at least once a fortnight. I find  it so relaxing wondering through the shelves of books discovering authors I didn’t know existed or a book you have heard so much hype about and its on the shelf and its FREE to borrow. Sometimes I cannot justify buying new releases but I still like to keep up with these books so I use the library reserve system there are a number of sub libraries in the area and 9 times out of 10 you can get he book you want sometimes there is a wait on some newer releases but I think sometimes it is worth the wait.

I started going to the library at a young age which I think encouraged me to read and still enjoy reading as much as I do now.

I think we need to support our local libraries


One thought on “Why I go to the Library

  1. i used to be a huge library visitor. I even worked in one for two years back in the 90’s but i never go now. Its stupid but i am squeamish about reading books others have touched plus if its a special book then i prefer to own it if i can.
    good post
    Gill X

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