Free PR For all Books everyone can do


I know everyone does not have time to blog about the books they read or even read the amount some bloggers do. So I have been thinking of ways everyone can promote books with little effort.

So here is my guide to help your favorite author to sell a couple more copies.

  1. Book Shopping No not to buy more books – if you happen to be browsing your favorite bookstore and see someone pick up a book you enjoyed just tell them that book was very good, it will hopefully make their decision to buy the book easier. But don’t over do it and scare them out of the bookstore though.
  2. Social Media  A quick tweet, Instagram pic or FB status these maybe shared or re-tweeted to a wider audience
  3. Read in a Public Place – A coffee and a book in costa or nero (or any other chain) is most book lovers idea of paradise, there maybe someone who clocks the book you are reading and goes to buy it. Also if you are  like me and  use public transport and are able read on the train,bus or tube etc once again just someone spotting what you are reading may decide to purchase the said book
  4. Review the Book – No not a  long post but just 3 words to describe the book on amazon or goodreads is great and takes no more then 10 mins. I love the saying ‘like a book? then review it’ there is someone interested whatever the genre is.
  5. Recommend to Family friends – lend that book (if you can bear to) I know technically they have not purchased that book but they may purchase others in the future from that author

I have done most of the above

Thank for reading

Nat xx

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