**Review** Cast Adrift by Mannah Pierce

Cast adrift


Cast Adrift is the first part of a science fiction saga set in an interstellar world of the far future where Earth is merely a myth. Ean is queen of the Willow, a small ship with a Traditional crew who live in space and trade between the stars. Suddenly Tre, the laid back crew enforcer, is demanding that they dash to one system to pick up cabin boys and then divert to another to recruit an adolescent who is utterly unsuited to spacer life. Who is Jax? What is Rae? Why is the most powerful individual in Known Space interested in Kip? Most importantly, what is Tre up to?

My Review

I  was contacted by Clink Street Publishing a self publishing imprint of Authoright   to ask me to review this. I must admit I did hesitate for a moment as science fiction is a genre which to be honest does not interest me, also I don’t tend to read self published books.  But I thought hey Clink Street  found me and took time out of their day to email me so I said yes. Sometimes I do need to be taken out of my reading comfort zone and boy I am so glad I said yes.

The book caught my imagination straight away  when we were introduced to Jax and Rae at a recruitment fair. What is Rae? Why and how is he there? and Why is Jax there? and why is he so special?

Once abroad the Willow a small ship with a traditional crew (good guys) you met the other characters (Spacers, Cats, etc) all the characters were fascinating and kept me reading on to see what would happen next.

Some of the more ”sciencey” components of the book did go over my head a bit but the story line more then made up for that.  The one element of the story I was not sure on was the ‘catting’. I felt that the ages of the boys made me feel uncomfortable reading these parts.

A captivating debut which you don’t have to be geeky to read  i’m not and I really enjoyed the adventure it took me on.

I am so glad I took the leap of faith to read this book and I cannot wait until the next installment. What a cliff hanger you are left on

4 of 5 stars

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