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Hello and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Life’s A Beach And Then…. by Julia Roberts. Looks like I am the ”end of the line” for this tour .This blog tour has been stupendous with lots of fabulous posts.

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Holly Wilson has landed a dream job but there is one proviso… she must keep it secret, and that means telling lies. Holly hates telling lies.
Her latest assignment has brought her to the paradise island of Mauritius where she meets a British couple, Robert and Rosemary, who share a tragic secret of their own.
The moment they introduce Holly to handsome writer, Philippe, she begins to fall in love, something she hasn’t allowed herself to do for twenty years.
But Philippe has not been completely honest either and when Holly stumbles across the truth, she feels totally betrayed
My Review 

I really liked this book it was written so well, Julia’s writing style enables you to get to know the characters which then allows you to have connection with them. Initially I thought it was going to be a chiclit read but it soon becomes clear that it defiantly  wasn’t when the book starts taking dark twists. The book was a bit slow to start with, but the further I got into the story it soon picked up.

I read some of this book while it was raining outside and some of the descriptions of Mauritius made me feel I was there with Holly on the beach and not staring out at the pouring rain here in England

Philippe – potential book boyfriend material?? ummm well i’m not so sure he certainly had his faults. I am looking forward to Julia hopefully developing this character more in the second book in this series to see if I like him anymore.

Overall, Life’s A Beach and Then… was a great read with lots of twists and a very good plot.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on book 2 of Liberty Sands Trilogy

4 of 5 stars


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