***BLOG TOUR*** The Christmas Cafe by Amanda Prowse

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I am very lucky to have a guest post today from the talented  Amanda Prowse she writes about  Why she thinks it’s so important to write about falling in love later in life, and why it isn’t a frequented topic. 





Why do you think it’s important to write about love later in life or finding love again after the death of a partner?

I often felt that women of 50+ are underrepresented when it comes to modern literature, drama and the arts in general. Gone are the days where if you are divorced or sadly widowed, you are expected to sit at home and lament the days gone by…

Bea, the heroine of The Christmas Café, faces her fears and steps out of her comfort zone to grab life and reclaim happiness! A great example to us all, that just when you think life might be slowing, when you have more years behind you than ahead and all thoughts of romance have fled, be open to the idea that fate might have other ideas.

In a way, Bea is forced to go on a journey of self-discovery. It is a journey that leads her to places she could never have imaged as her old and new lives collide. I often write about older women finding love because I am keen to encourage people to see the truth – you don’t need to be young, thin and have a glowing future ahead of yourself to be sexy and to create a new and exciting life. You can still be a sexy woman with a hunger for adventure even when you are 53 like Bea.

Society can often make women over the age of 30 feel a little invisible and I wanted to write a book for women who look in the mirror and are not phased by their wobbly tums and grey roots, women who are mothers and grandmothers, sisters, friends, wives and neighbours, women who care about their community and who have more years behind them than in front but still have the joie de vivre that enables them to look ahead with joy! Women who value the wisdom that their years bring them and don’t lament the loss of a wrinkle-free smile.

Women who like the odd glass of wine or two and women who know that to watch the sun rise and to laugh long and loud is the very best tonic available. The Christmas Café is set in Sydney and Edinburgh, and ladies, I really hope you enjoy it!

Written by Amanda Prowse


The Christmas Café by Amanda Prowse is published on 22nd October (£7.99, Head of Zeus). Amanda Prowse will be appearing at the Southampton’s Festival of Words on Tuesday 27th October, for more information visit

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