#bookouturexmas q and a with Mandy Baggot

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Hi Mandy– Thank you for taking part in this q and a for #bookouturexmas Would you like to start by introducing yourself to my readers..?

Hi everyone! I’m Mandy, a romantic fiction author residing in Wiltshire in the UK with my husband, two daughters, two cats and two guinea pigs. I’ve currently written eleven books and am plotting out my twelve and thirteenth as we speak!

One Wish in Manhattan tell us a bit about this?

One Wish in Manhattan is a romantic, feel-good novel, set in New York at the run up to Christmas. It’s about single mum, Hayley and her intelligent nine year old daughter, Angel, heading to the Big Apple in search of Angel’s father. Will they find him? What else will happen? How does a billionaire come into it? You’ll have to read it to find out.

How did you go about doing the research for this book?

I spent quite a lot of time watching You Tube videos of New York street scenes. I wanted to capture the essence of New York and give my book an authentic flavour. I haven’t actually visited New York but my dad lives in America so I was able to use some of my experiences from trips there too. I also spoke to my friends who had been to the Big Apple and used some of their information.

Who are your favorite Authors?  And what genre of books do you enjoy reading? If you have time.

I love to read contemporary romance and crime thrillers. I don’t really have a favourite author as I read so many different ones. But as far as romance is concerned I like to read Sophie Kinsella and Debbie Macomber and crime thrillers from Angela Marsons, a fellow Bookouture author.

What is the best thing about being a writer?

The best thing is getting to do your passion as a job! It’s what everyone dreams of, getting paid to do what you love doing most. It is a dream come true and it also means I can work from home and have that flexibility when it comes to my daughters.

Do you have a favourite writing place?

I have a new writing room. We made our spare room into my office a few months ago and it’s my favourite place to write. I have a view over our garden and the fields beyond and it’s a calm place no one else is allowed in! With two children and a messy husband it’s the only room I can keep neat and tidy!

So I have read that you have auditioned for the x factor? When was this? What was it like? and has it put you off watching the x factor

I did! It was in 2008 and I went to the Cardiff Millennium Stadium to audition with 9,999 other people. It was a long day. We got there at 8.30am and I didn’t get my audition until 5.30pm but I got through. We then had to stay overnight and wear the same clothes to audition again the next day. I didn’t get through that stage so never got to meet the judges. I don’t watch the X Factor any more. It does give you a behind the scenes glance into what makes shows like that and the whole experience did put me off a bit! Would I do it again? NO! I sing for fun now. I like to do karaoke and I sang at a friend’s charity fundraiser a few months ago. I have no ambition to be the next Adele.

And finally – have you started writing your next book? Any clues as to what it maybe about?  I am sure my readers would love to know

I have started two books… yes I never like to do things the easy way. Both of them are summer reads. Which one will be next? I’m not sure yet!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these


Mandy Baggot

Mandy Baggot is an award-winning author of romantic women’s fiction and a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. A contributor to writing blogs and short story anthologies, she is also a regular speaker at literary festivals, events and women’s networking groups.

Mandy loves mashed potato, white wine, country music, Corfu and handbags. She has appeared on ITV1’s Who Dares Sings and auditioned for The X-Factor and lives in Wiltshire

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