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Today on the Blog I am part of the straight to Hell blog tour and the author Michelle Scott talks about what she loves about writing.

What I Love About Writing

I’ll let you in on a little secret…every time I write, I become deeply involved with my characters.  In Straight to Hell, this was particularly true.  I loved everyone.  Even the baddies.  Maybe even especially the baddies.

I’ll start with Lilith.  She’s smart, she’s snarky, and she has a lot of the same problems I have, such as What Do I Fix for Dinner?  Or Why Did My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother Make a Deal With the Devil?  Okay, maybe not that one.  But we do understand each other.  Even though Lilith is a succubus and works for the devil, she still struggles with life in the mundane world.  Like a lot of us, she’s juggling kids, household chores, an evil ex-husband, and an even more evil boss.  She’s a person I can relate to, and one that I’d love to share a glass of wine with some day.

Next comes William Benedict.  He’s the uber-sexy incubus who rocks Lilith’s world.  William is bad boy with a heart of gold.  Someone who pretends that love is a joke even though he’s a romantic through and through.  He’s maintained the charade forever, but Lilith sees past that to the real, human William who hides behind the immortal (and immoral) being.  Together, William and Lilith pair up to thwart their evil boss’s evil plans.

And speaking of evil bosses, my next favorite character is the cruel, devilish Helen Spry who loves to make Lilith’s life a living hell.  Helen, who dresses like my all-time favorite movie star Katherine Hepburn, is a no-nonsense, don’t you dare defy me, overbearing boss.  I think the reason I like her so much is because she doesn’t put up with any crap from her workers.  I wouldn’t want to work for her, but I understand her frustrations!

Let’s not forget the sweet-spirited, free spirit Tommy Lefevre.  Tommy is a modern-day guru who manages to stay at peace with himself and the world.  Tommy is the one that Lilith looks to for advice.  He keeps her grounded, and he looks out for her.  He’s harboring a crush, but is too honorable to give into temptation.  He doesn’t know that Lilith is really a succubus, but he does fall for her charms.

There are many more characters as well, including a troubled eleven-year-old girl and a cat named Drinking Tea who’s smart enough to recognized that Lilith is no longer human.  All of them mean something to me, and I can’t wait to find out what they’ll be up to next!


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Michelle Scott has been a fiction junkie all of her life.  Although she’ll read everything from literature to mystery to modern classics, she has a special penchant for urban fantasy. She is also a huge nerd and an unapologetic Doctor Who fan, preferring Tom Baker above all others.

In college, Michelle earned her BA in psychology and met the guy of her dreams. Thirty years later, she has never once used her psychology degree, but is still married to Mr. Right which proves that a good college education is worth every penny.

Currently, she is a straight-laced community college English teacher by day, while at night, she stalks supernatural beings in her hometown of Detroit. Michelle lives with her husband and three children, all of whom are addicted to Doctor. Who (and urban fantasy) as much as she.


Straight to Hell, book one of the Lilith Straight series, is available on

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straight to hell

Here is the blurb: I, Lilith Straight, was the woman you always wanted to be. I was married to someone better looking than your husband, we lived in that house you always wanted. Within a year, however, all of that changed. My marriage dissolved, my house burned down, and my job hardly paid the bills. So when I was hit by a car and died, I thought my life couldn’t get any worse. Boy, was I wrong.

Hell was not the place I imagined. It was worse. During my brief stay, I learned some disturbing truths about my family. Most worryingly my ancestor’s deal with the devil promising him every female descendent as a succubus.

So these were my options: Life on earth as a soul-sucking seductress. Or death and pass the succubus baton to my sweet little daughter. There was no choice. Welcome to hell on earth, Lilith. Mother, teacher, wanton she-demon.

Here are the buy links: Amazon: Amazon UK:

About the author: Maybe it’s because of my Halloween birthday, but I’ve always been attracted to scary stories. On the other hand, I love romances as well. Once I discovered that these two genres existed side-by-side in urban fantasy novels, I was in heaven! Urban fantasy is like chocolate and peanut butter: a perfect, to-die-for combination that I can never get enough of. I’ve been writing since childhood, but earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology and my master’s in English literature. When I’m not writing, I’m a straight-laced English teacher at a two-year college in Detroit. I’ve been married to Mr. Right for over twenty-five years. I also have three teenaged children: a boy and two girls, all of whom have threatened to never speak to me again if I turn them into characters and put them into my books. Goodreads: Website: Twitter:

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