Review: The Ball Room by Anna Hope

the ball room



Where love is your only escape ….

1911: Inside an asylum at the edge of the Yorkshire moors,where men and women are kept apart by high walls and barred windows, there is a ballroom vast and beautiful.
For one bright evening every week they come together and dance.When John and Ella meet It is a dance that will change two lives forever.



my review

This novel  is set in the heatwave  of 1911 at the end of the Edwardian period. Over this time frame  home secretary Winston Churchhill was in favor of mandatory Sterilization for the feeble minded. This gives you an idea and sets the scene for the novel.

The  novel is narrated  by 3 very individual voices so you had Ella, John and Charles. Ella is narrated  from the female side of the asylum, John the male side and Charles one of the doctors.

Above all this is a love story told in the most horrendous of places. I loved the letters between John and Ella and looked forward to the chapters they were featured.

The Ballroom completely plunged me into its grip from page one until the end. Hope left no stone un- turned so I was left with no questions on the last page.

This story was just full of hope and encourages you to whatever you are going through, you can find happiness and love in the most difficult of places


5 of 5 stars


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