Review The Night Child by Anna Quinn

the night child


Nora Brown teaches high school English and lives a quiet life in Seattle with her husband and six-year-old daughter. But one November day, moments after dismissing her class, a girl’s face appears above the students’ desks — ”a wild numinous face with startling blue eyes, a face floating on top of shapeless drapes of purples and blues where arms and legs should have been. Terror rushes through Nora’s body — the kind of raw terror you feel when there’s no way out, when every cell in your body, your entire body, is on fire — when you think you might die.”

Twenty-four hours later, while on Thanksgiving vacation, the face appears again. Shaken and unsteady, Nora meets with neurologists and eventually, a psychiatrist. As the story progresses, a terrible secret is discovered — a secret that pushes Nora toward an even deeper psychological breakdown. 

My Review

This book really grabbed my attention and kept it there until the last page. It explored the mind  middle aged woman called Nora. 

It is a very dark novel so please note  this deals with some  very upsetting topics and at points is a very uncomfortable and emotionally draining read. I also want to stress that these topics may also be triggers for some people.

Having read that this is based on the authors own personal experiences. I am very impressed by the courage this  took for Anna Quinn to write.

The Night Child is a beautifully written very quick but fascinating read.

Thank you to the publisher and Net galley for sending me an advanced copy for an honest review

4 of 5 stars