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Murder on the Green
Midsomer Murders meets The Great British Bake Off in this foodie delight with murder at its heart.
Hampden Green has been a quiet for months, allowing Ben Hunter to concentrate on running The Old Forge Café. That is until celebrity chef Justin McCleish announces he is opening a pop-up restaurant at the local opera festival and wants Ben to help out.

Ben couldn’t prouder or more flattered, until he discovers he hasn’t been hired for his cooking abilities… Justin is being blackmailed and he needs help to crack the case. That is, until extortion turns deadly!

Now Ben must do whatever it takes to find the killer before they strike again…
My Review
This book was read in a few sittings in the garden.   It is a modern cosy mystery with Ben who is a chef as the Main Character. I have to admit I did not warm to him at all
I have to say this was very slow read to start with. I have to admit to skimming a few sections until it picked up  It did pick up some pace with some ok twists and turns along the way.
For me although I enjoyed my time reading the book its not a story or Book  which will stick in my mind if ou asked me the plot in a few weeks time I probably couldn’t tell you
I am undecided on a rating probably a 2 or 3 stars out of 5
If you are looking for a book to read in the garden or by the pool this is your book and if you like a cosy mystery I think you will love this.  Don’t let me put you off picking this up